Our Solution

Flexible & Resilient Plant Growing Systems

Plant Growing Chambers

Commercial quantities for retail and wholesale of delicious leafy greens, lettuce, herbs, microgreens and European vegetables

FlexiFarm Smart Control System

Complete control over the growing environment of crops to achieve high yields and quality – an ideal capability for R&D purposes

FlexiFarm Fresh Produce System "FF1"

Design and engineering

Farming in a customized shipping container is flexible and able to withstand all weather conditions, be it polar or desert, thanks to its completely closed system design. Our mobile farms guarantee success in food plant production anywhere in the world.

The FF module

The FF module is built from a 40ft refrigerated shipping container that has been customized both externally and internally to be a strong farm enclosure, in order to maintain the suitable temperature of its interior chamber for optimal weather controls.

Modular planting racks

Modular planting racks are made of aluminum that can be disassembled or installed with various devices. It is extremely strong, rust-free, beautiful and highly efficient.

Power Supply

Flexifarm's modular can be used with 220V, 100A, three-phase power. However, it can also be pre-designed to suit the type of electricity available at the farm location. (This must be discussed and determined during the initial phase of building your customized system)

Smart Operation Control System

FlexiFarm’s Smart Operation Control System was introduced to assist the automation of our fresh produce system. It’s required as little numbers of labor as 1 person to operate approximately 6-12 hours per week. The operator can remotely check and control the status of all aspects of the farm via cloud-based system from anywhere in the world.

Nutrient System

Nutrient supply and control systems are essential to the crops grown. We use a high-performance control system that can accurately measure nutrient concentrations and prescribe nutrients.

HVAC System

Weather conditions, such as temperature and humidity, will be monitored and precisely controlled according to the preset values. This information can be retrieved to check at any time via cloud and communication devices.

Certification + Lab Testing

Here’s another quality assurance, that we deliver only fresh and safe vegetables to the community.
The results of FlexiFarm’s leafy greens samples (kale) were taken at Central Laboratory (Thailand) shows "harmful contaminants, or substance are NOT DETECTED”.

Reliable Technical Support

The components of the FlexiFarm system are carefully selected and heavily tested at our FF LAB to ensure the highest reliability and quality of your customized fresh produce system. However, our Flexifarm engineer can help monitoring the system's performance online, provide alerts. We can also fix some issues online, when possible, in a timely manner, for an uninterrupted production of fresh produce and your business.

FlexiFarm Consulting Services for Sustainable and Profitable Farming

While the future of food trend is changing daily, the challenges of establishing a profitable business remain the same.

For your vertical indoor farm to be successful, you need a strategic business plan, crop diversification, retail sales strategy and a strong financial plan. Our FlexiFarm team is here to help!

Whether you are a multigenerational farmer looking to expand or augment your existing farm or you’re an entrepreneur seeking a viable business model, our consulting services position you for success.