Flexible concept of environmentally friendly urban farming

FlexiFarm is a leader in "indoor vertical farming" with complete environment-controlled fresh produce system, including light, water, air and nutrients. It is a smart, flexible and mobile farm settled in a customized shipping container.

Our Vision

FlexiFarm is gearing towards sustainability future in "urban vertical farming" with less impact to the environment.

We are the system integrator, who thrive on challenges in inventing the best technology for plant production of this era. With our Intelligent FlexiFarm Technology we believe every community can have the security of being able to grow fresher produce in any climate, all year round, onsite, to support healthier and better life opportunities for everyone.

What we do

FlexiFarm offers automatic intelligent plant production systems for nutritious fresh produce.
  • Differences you make, utilizing Intelligent FlexiFarm Technology:
  • Our vertical growing chambers optimize land use, while maximizing production per cubic foot with more reliable and consistent crop yields year-round.
  • Intelligent system actively regulates input parameters of growing environments, eliminating variable light, water and temperature from traditional farming.
  • Strictly free from contaminants, pollution and harmful pesticides.
  • Maintain the optimal health of veggies, ensuring they are packed with nutrients and flavour goodness.
  • Close loop water system dramatically (95%) decreases the amount of fresh water needed.
  • Significantly lower physical labour used in production and harvestation.
  • Growing locally, minimize crop loss during transportation, increase shelf life for consumption and enhances food security within community.
  • Substantially less energy consumption during production and transportation of fresh produce.
  • Greatly reduces the emission of associated greenhouse gases.