FlexiFarm is a commercial-scale automated, environment-controlled plant growing system where trays of vegetables and herbs are evenly bathed in light to maximize growth. We convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains that profit and protect our people, planet, and economy. Our technologies provide independent and efficient fresh produce supply for every community 365 days a year.

At FlexiFarm, we believe every city, community and country is VULNERABLE during the pandemic. As FOOD DEPENDENCE is dangerous when we rely on long supply chain, which has drastically been effected during lockdowns and the food is far away from us.

Our mission is to maximize crop yield and improve food independence for every community, while reducing the environmental impact from food production and transportation with our technologies. Everyone should be able to access quality food all year-round.

Our Veggies Products

Our plant growing chamber is strictly free from contaminants, pollution and harmful pesticide.
FlexiFarm smart control system maintains the optimal health of veggies, ensuring they are packed with nutrients and flavour goodness!